Meet long-time volunteer, Barbara

Q: Please introduce yourself. What are your interests/hobbies outside of Habitat?
Barbara: I grew up in West Seattle, graduated in 1957, and have lived in 20 different locations in Washington and as far away as Amherst, Massachusetts. I have five siblings, and untold dozens of cousins. Home and family are important to me; I enjoy quilting, creating them for new babies, and close friends. I love and enjoy train travel, and currently have a 2½-year-old great-grandson, who also loves trains. I enjoy getting together with friends, and when I am unable to see them, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and have nice visits.

Q: How did you first become involved with Habitat?
Barbara: I became involved with Habitat at the end of July 2007. I had moved to the Tri-Cities and was living with my daughter and her family in Kennewick. Being fairly new to the area, I had mainly met friends of theirs and needed an outlet to gain new friends of my own. My daughter had encountered a gal who happened to be the Volunteer Coordinator for Habitat and learned they were always looking for new volunteers. At the opportunity to have some ‘me’ time, I contacted Suzanne and offered my assistance. At that time there was another gal who kept track of the volunteer hours, and reported monthly to the Executive Director at the end of the month. I was asked to learn her job, and to help out where help was needed in the office. Fall was approaching, and Connie was deep into planning the Fall Gala. She had an eager assistant in me, and I learned fast what her work entailed. I have been doing it ever since.

Q: What is your current role?
Barbara: Along with entering all the volunteer hours into our tracking system, I prepare specific reports for the Executive Director. I work closely with the current Volunteer Coordinator and enjoy the time I spend in the office. I have become close friends with others who have worked for Habitat over the years.

Q: How long have you been volunteering with Habitat? What has kept you so dedicated as a volunteer?
Barbara: I have been volunteering at Habitat for 14 years this past July. Time really does fly when one is having fun…and I have had fun! My dedication to Habitat stems from my love of family and knowing how important it is to live in a home, in an established neighborhood. I continue to volunteer because I love what I am doing; I know how important my tasks are to the organization, and this is how I can share my talents and “give back” to the community.

Q: What is your favorite memory from your time with Habitat?
Barbara: I have many fond memories of my time with Habitat…one, in particular, being asked to sew some outfits using fabric the new homeowner had brought from Kenya. I really enjoyed being asked, and the ladies looked awesome! It is always fun to be present when a new family is given the keys for their new home. I have missed several of these events this past year and a half, due to the pandemic. I have a deep respect for all of the volunteers who work on the build sites, many who have been volunteering as long as I have been keeping track of their hours! I have no intention of ‘moving on’ – and will continue to be a Habitat Volunteer for as long as my health permits!

Thank you for the Honor you have bestowed on me in recognizing my 14 years!!

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