Total hours donated by all volunteers in 2020
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A long-time volunteer of multiple Habitat affiliates, Doug began volunteering with Tri-County Partners after he was transferred to the Tri-Cities in 2013. He has served as a volunteer for the store, construction site, and as the Treasurer, Vice President, President, and Secretary of the Board donating a total of 5799.75 hours. With an education in Mechanical Engineering and a childhood growing up on a farm he enjoys the hands-on aspect of being at the construction site and is currently at the site 2 days a week. When Doug isn’t volunteering with Habitat, he and his wife, Julia, make it a mission to travel to the capital buildings of all 50 states. Beginning this journey in 2010, they have made it to 37 states and are looking forward to adding 11 southern states, Alaska, and Hawaii. Thank you Doug for all of the time and energy you have donated to Habitat!
Doug Hamrick 817 hours
“We worked together during a very intense time for the organization. I really enjoyed working with Doug because not only was he dependable, he was accurate. He really poured out his heart in helping the organization turn around. He took the time to read through the most complex grants and developed a building schedule to give us a plan forward. He was a good sounding board for me because I knew he was as committed to Habitat’s mission as I was. I could trust him.”
Theresa Richardson
Former Executive Director

We are grateful every day for the dedicated volunteers that make all of our work possible. We’d like to highlight these volunteers as well for their outstanding commitment to Habitat:

Paul Roberts 693.75 hours
Ben Moyers 693.25 hours
Teresa Frost 538.25 hours
Pete Hedges 431 hours
Barbara Louis 304.5 hours
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