100% of the profits from the Habitat Store support Habitat for Humanity’s Home Ownership Program.

For more information about donating, please email the Donation Coordinator at donations@habitat-tcp.org during our Donation Center hours (Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM, Sat 10AM-4PM).

Effective 1/22/2019: Please ensure that items you are donating are located on the exterior ground level or other covered exterior location. We cannot go inside your home. Prior to our arrival, please check that there aren’t any personal items inside your donation. 

Due to limited resources, if your donation is small enough to fit in your vehicle, please drop it off at our store’s location during business hours.

Please do not include dashes. ex. 5099435555
Address ex. 313 Wellsian Way
ex. Richland, WA 99352
NO, THANK YOU! • Anything more than 5 years old (exceptions may be made for designer or high-end brands.) • Dishwashers without lead-free certification marks • Anything with rust, corrosion or non-manufacturer paint • Anything not in perfect working order • Gas Appliances
NO, THANK YOU! • Oversized desks (over 4′ x 3′) • Mattresses and box springs • Cribs or other baby items • Furniture with tears, stains, pet marks, smells, discoloration • Entertainment centers and TV Stands
NO, THANK YOU! • Chipped glass or mirrors • Mirrors or glass without frames
NO, THANK YOU! • Carpet/Area rugs with rips, stains, odors or excessive wear • Any flooring with nails, mortar, grout, chips or any damage • Flooring too small for a 10×10 room • Used Ceramic or vinyl, tile
NO, THANK YOU! • Used bathtubs • Over mount sinks • Non-low flow toilets that use more than 1.28 gallon/flush • Pipes, fittings and valves • Anything with rust, corrosion or non-manufacturer paint • Anything with chips, cracks, scratches, caulking, rust, glue or large stains • Custom colors will be accepted upon inspection
NO, THANK YOU! • Cabinets without doors or drawers • Cabinet faces and misc. drawers • Countertops • Anything with rot or damage • Particle board or press board cabinets (unless new or designer brand)
NO, THANK YOU! • Shower Doors • Doors that are damaged (broken seal, holes, etc.) • Closet doors or bi-folds
NO, THANK YOU! • Used, single pane, oversized, custom, or aluminum windows • Only sashes • Blinds of any kind • Nails that protrude from frame • Windows with fogging or broken seals • Oversized windows over 35 sq. ft.
NO, THANK YOU! • Anything with debris, rot, rust or other damage • Rolled chain link fencing less than 15 feet • Lawn mowers more than 3 years old • Indoor Fireplaces
NO, THANK YOU! • Battery operated tool without chargers/batteries • Hand tools that aren’t working or are missing pieces
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